At Bulk 7.62x54r Ammo Sales 7.62x54r Russian Surplus Silver Tip ammo is available in 440rd spam cans and 880rd crates. For your shooting supplies we carry the famed and desired Factory 188  Russian surplus 7.62x54r ammo which features a copper washed steel case and full metal jacket 147grn light ball steel-core bullet. Through the 1970's this ammunition featured a painted silver tip which was transitioned out during the Late 1970's & early 1980's and still uses Corrosive Berdan Primer. Packaged 440rds to a sealed "spam" can, and 2 cans (880rds) in a wooden crate. Can opener included on orders of 2-cans or greater only. It is great for your Mosin Nagant rifle, semiautomatic VEPR rifles, and fully automatic machine guns that shoot 7.62x54r ammo. There will never be any more imported due to the Russian sanctions in place. We have post 1977 factory 188 spam cans as well but from 1978 on they phased out painting the  silver tip. Russian surplus 7.62x54r ammo sales 440rd spam cans and 880rd crates in stock and ready to ship.

We recently opened bulk 7.62X54r Ammo for Sale to help fill the gap in  7.62x54r Russian Surplus silver tip ammo availability given the Russian sanctions. Please visit our store by clicking go to store above or below. We have a limited # of 440 rd spam cans and 880 rd crates  so place your order soon before bulk 7.62x54r Russian surplus silver tip ammo supplies run out.  ALL SALES FINAL!!! NO RETURNS!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! WE WILL NOT SHIP AMMUNITION WHERE IT IS NOT LEGAL TO SHIP. KNOW YOUR STATES LAWS. IF YOU ORDER AMMUNITION AND WE CANNOT SHIP TO YOU, YOU ARE SUBJECT TO A 10% RESTOCKING FEE


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The 7.62×54r ammo is a rimmed rifle cartridge developed by the Russian Empire and was introduced as a service cartridge in 1891. Originally designed for the bolt-action Mosin–Nagant rifle, it was used during the late Tsarist era and throughout the Soviet period to the present day. The cartridge remains one of the few standard-issue rimmed cartridges still in military use and has the longest service life of all military-issued cartridges in the world. The American Winchester Model 1895 was also chambered for this cartridge per a contract with the Russian government. The 7.62×54r ammo is still in use by the Russian military in the Dragunov and other sniper rifles, as well as some modern machine guns like the PKM. Originally, the round was designated as "Трехлинейный патрон образца 1891 года" – (Three-line cartridge model of 1891). It then became widely known under the designation "7,62мм винтовочный патрон" (7,62mm rifle cartridge). The round has erroneously come to be known as the "7.62mm Russian" (and is still often referred to as such colloquially), but, according to standards, the "R" in designation (7.62×54 R) stands for Rimmed, in line with standard C.I.P. designations. The name is sometimes confused with the "7.62 Soviet" round, which refers to the rimless 7.62×39mm cartridge used in the SKS and AK-based (AK-47) rifles.Type your paragraph here.

Bulk 7.62x54R Ammo Russian Surplus Silver Tip 147grn FMJ 440rd spam can 880rd crate


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